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DBC Bar & Grill
1001 Veterans Blvd
Metairie, LA, 70005

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The Home of the Drive Thru Daiquiri

On the Veterans Parade Route

We don't like to brag but we are proud to share videos featuring our establishment! 

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Drinking Made Easy

Drinking made easy||||

For a truly unique drinking experience, pull into the drive thru of the Daiquiri Bay Cafe'.  Much like a fast food joint, you can pull up to the drive thru window, but instead of ordering a burger and fries, you can order a drink of the alcohol variety.  With flavors like Jungle Juice, Pink Lemonade, Pina Colada, White Russian and Margarita, you can order any of your favorite flavors.  If you can't decide, try The Kitchen Sink, a mix of all their available flavors.  While not exactly promoting drinking and driving, the lax open container laws of Louisiana allow open alcoholic beverages in moving vehicles as long as they're not being consumed by the driver.